Inmon vs Kimball

Introduction: In data warehousing, we often hear discussions on whether a person or organisation’s data warehouse falls into either Bill Inmon’s or Ralph Kimball’s way of thinking; we’ll call these ways of thinking “paradigms”. But what are they, and how do they differ? More importantly, why are they important when considering how to build your[…]


Kimball: Star and Snowflake Schemas

What are the Star and Snowflake Schemas? Introduction In simple terms, both the star and snowflake schemas are a way of housing data in a structure that facilitates reporting, this is often referred to as a “datamart” and forms the central pillar of the Kimball paradigm. A large data warehouse (OLTP / normalised database) might contain all[…]


Inmon: The Process of Data Normalisation

Introduction: The cornerstone of the Inmon paradigm is Boyce-Codd Normal Form; which is effectively 3rd normal form with an extra caveat. The process of normalising data to the varying states of normal form isn’t difficult, all that’s required is an understanding of the rules and following the steps below to the desired outcome… The Six Normal Forms:[…]